Dr. Randy and Nancy Rush began the "One Another" Senior Adult Ministry in June of 2016, inspired by the Apostle Paul. Paul wrote that those who believe in Jesus Christ are ambassadors called to bring men and women back into harmony with our heavenly Father. (2 Corinthians 17-21). The New Testament in fact uses the phrase "one another" at least 58 times! Among the phrases found in the New Testament, we are urged to:

*Love one another

*Pray for one another

*Bear one another's burdens

*Encourage one another

And so on, and so forth. Since starting the ministry, Dr. Randy and Nancy attempt to meet at least once a month for a luncheon, and hold senior adult bible studies when schedules permit. "One Another" Seniors also support the church when a death has occurred within the congregation, and also strive to reach the homebound or those lacking transportation, by volunteering to be personal chauffeurs to church functions and the like. "One Another" Seniors would be best suited for those in the 50+ age group, since Dr. Rush and Nancy hope to minister to specific challenges those in that age group face, such as (but not limited to):

*The death of a spouse

*single parenting/ grandparenting


*Struggling with suitable life goals

*Fighting stereotypes seniors encounter

*Feeling like misfits in society

*Feeling misunderstood increasingly with age

*Longing for a sense of belonging within the church

*Longing for a spouse, children, or affection